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Live Virtual Course

Due to Covid-19, all in-person courses have been discontinued until further notice! Mortgage Agent Courses will now be taught in a LIVE virtual setting.

Experience the in-class setting from the comfort of your own home or office. Instructed by experienced mortgage industry professionals, and includes lectures, class discussions, group problem solving and case studies. Virtual class is offered in 2 formats to accommodate various work and family schedules. Take the week-long course (Mon-Fri) or the weekend course (2 consecutive weekends, Sat and Sun).

Students will be given 2 breaks and 1 lunch break each day. The instructor will go through all the chapters during class, including powerpoint presentations and quizzes that will be done as a class and on your own time. Attendance is mandatory, to successfully fulfil FSRA’s requirements for the Mortgage Agent Certification. The instructor will also provide their contact information if the students have any questions while studying at home. Lastly, students will be expected to complete the online exam 48 hours after the last class as there will be an expiration date/time on their exam. If the exam is not completed before it expires then they will have to pay a re-scheduling fee.

Additionally, textbooks will be mailed out about 2 weeks prior to the first class.

The course content and exam is the same for both the virtual and online formats. Everything covered in the assigned chapters and by the instructor constitutes part of the subject content and is eligible for inclusion on the final examination.   

NOTE: It is ESSENTIAL that students read the assigned material before class and make careful notes on the reading material as well as in-class lectures and discussion.

Course Fee

$395.00 (HST exempt)

Cancellation Policy-If you wish to cancel the course after purchase we will refund you the amount minus a 25% admin fee. There is no charge if you wish to re-schedule. Refunds will not be available past the start date of the class.

The Course includes:

· The CMBA Mortgage Agent Course textbook (provided prior to class commencing, however the first 5 chapters will be emailed)
· Instructor assistance
· Final examination done in a virtual setting
· Certificate of Course Completion (if the minimum passing grade is achieved)

  • Please allow 5-7 business days after your exam date for results to be uploaded. You will be notified by email once they are accessible.

Mortgage Agent Course
Live-Virtual dates

LIVE VIRTUAL Class February 27-28 & March 6-7, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class March 13-14 & 20-21, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class March 15-19, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class April 5-9, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class April 17-18 & 24-25, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class May 3-7, 2021


LIVE VIRTUAL Class May 15-16 & 22-23

Please note that in order for a course to proceed, a minimum number of participants must be met. If the minimum number of registrants for the course dates you have chosen is not met, you can switch into an alternate date we are offering or into our online course.