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CMBA is an inter-jurisdictional umbrella association consisting of provincial mortgage broker associations in Canada. The mandate of CMBA is to strengthen the efficiencies of provincial mortgage broker associations and enable them to focus on providing regional services to their members while sharing certain cross jurisdictional costs, programs and advocacy initiatives amongst provincial associations.

CMBA provides Canada’s provincial mortgage broker associations with a forum to work cooperatively, better share resources, branding initiatives, programs and information and coordinate engagement of provincial association members to identify trends and develop solutions to common industry and regulatory issues.

All provincial mortgage broker associations belonging to CMBA have adopted the mark of membership for their members – MB.  CMBA and its provincial mortgage associations promote the MB logo to mortgage consumers to let them know that their best mortgage advice comes from a mortgage broker and to look for the mark of membership to find a mortgage broker. Learn about the creation of the MB brand by clicking here.

Special logos for Brokers & Agents in Ontario – Ontario is the only province in Canada with the distinction of having mortgage brokers and agents. As such, we have created a special identifier to use in your marketing materials. Please use them in your email signatures and websites. To get print resolution images for your print materials, contact us at

Represents members to federal government, its agencies and other government bodies on issues of national importance

Promotes a national legislative agenda which supports
a vibrant mortgage broker and partner sector

Provides technological infrastructure, advertising material, brand awareness,  to support provincial associations and their members

Enhances member professionalism and ethics by providing national standards and trademarks representing quality and integrity

British Columbia






Atlantic Canada

Represents its members to the provincial government, its agencies, licensing bodies and regulators on issues of local importance

Engages in political action at the provincial level with provincial government and regulators

Delivers licensing courses and continuing education to members

Provides networking opportunities to members though seminars, trade shows, golf tournaments and conferences

Ajay Soni

CMBA President & Director

Representing British Columbia

Raj Babber

CMBA Vice President

Representing Ontario

Janet McKeough

CMBA Treasurer & Director

Representing Atlantic Canada

Samantha Gale

CMBA Executive Director
Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association

7- 40 Winges Road
Woodbridge, ON L4L 6B2
Toll Free 877.564.4622


Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association
British Columbia

101 – 1765 West 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 5C6
Toll Free: 877-371-2916


Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association
Atlantic Canada

12 M – 7095 Chebucto Road
Halifax, NS
B3L 0A1                                                                902.789.7805                                                                             Email: