Marketing to Millennials

Millennials: How to Target These First Time Homebuyers

The Voice – September 13, 2018

It has become a well known fact that a large cohort of first time homebuyers belong to a generation known as: Millennials.
This group has been stereotyped as being fickle, frugal, impatient, self indulgent and require instant gratification. With these traits at the centre of attention, it is understandable that many of the positive traits that they possess can actually help you tap into the millennial market. These people are also: highly educated, technology savvy, conscious & global citizens, and confident to name a few.
Their confidence comes from taking the time to research something before they purchase it– and home buying is no exception. Because they do their research, they are aware of what is happening in today’s housing market which can leave them feeling jaded.
So how do small business owners attract the attention of millennials who have the means to purchase a home, are educated in the housing market and are picky? provides 4 suggestions on how to reach this audience:

  1. Produce high quality videos
  2. Get creative with your advertising
  3. Segment your millennial markets
  4. Support a worthy cause with your business
Millennials are on the path to becoming the largest living generation this coming year. Take your slice of the millennial market by putting some of these tips to work in your marketing initiatives.

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