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The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – Ontario will be held on:

Thursday, April 20, 2017
between the hours of 7:45-8:45 am
at the Universal Event Space
at Hwy 7 & 27 in Vaughan, ON
(registration opens at 7am)

The purpose of this meeting is:

  • The submitting and approving of the annual business and financial reports of the Association for the previous year
  • The appointment of the Counsel to the Association for the subsequent year
  • The appointment of the Accountant to the Association for the subsequent year
  • The introduction and discussion of motions
  • The ratification of changes to the Association’s By-laws that the Board of Directors will propose
  • Such other matters of business that Members may wish to discuss
  • The announcement of the election, acclamation or appointment of Directors
  • The presentation to the Members of the Board of Directors for the subsequent year
  • The presentation to the Members of the President for the subsequent year

Should you have any questions or comments regarding any of the above matters, kindly forward them to A formal Agenda will be emailed to all Members in March 2017.

The Directors look forward to greeting you at the Annual General Meeting.

Please register for the Annual General Meeting if you plan on attending – it is free for members and non-members, and a special breakfast will be prepared. Note: If you want to attend the Conference & Trade Show following the AGM, you must purchase a ticket.

We want to make all of our Governance documents accessible to our members. Please click on each item to view the PDF:

Constitution for CMBA Ontario


Privacy Policy

Member Code of Conduct

Director Code of Conduct